What you need to do before doing eyelash extension

False eyelashes now are playing an important part in girls’ daily life. However, some girls will feel that it wastes time cause every morning they need to do that. Therefore, eyelash extension becomes the first choice in the girls community.

But do you know what you need to do before eyelash extension? Do you know what kind of eyelashes adjust you, this essay will share what you need to do before eyelash extension.

1. Make sensitive test

Please make a sensitive test before doing eyelash extension to confirm whether you are sensitive eye skin.

2. Choose material of eyelashes

Different kind of price have different kind of material. For the material, we recommend to choose a softer and finer texture, which will cause less damage to the eyelash and keep it longer after grafting. Also, you can take advice of the professional staff to let them introduce the best which adapt you.

3. When choosing the root number, do not blindly pursue thickening.

If you graft a lot of false eyelashes on a single eyelash, it will do great harm to your eyelashes. At present, many stores recommend a single grafting method, in order to minimize the damage to eyelashes. But if your eyelashes are rare, consider grafting two of them on some eyelashes. After all, the choice of grafting is to complete the beauty, if it is sparse, the effect will certainly not satisfy you. These details need to be discussed with technicians carefully and selected according to the actual situation of eyelashes.

4. Select the shape of eyelashes

You can choose according to the characteristics of your eyes and the effect you want to show. Generally speaking, if the eyes are not long enough, people can choose the elongated eye tail, not only can adjust the eye type well, but also enhance the sense of charm. If people with narrow eyelids or eyebrow eyes are relatively narrow, it is not recommended to choose too curly. For professional women, too long false eyelashes will be unnatural, and reduce your professionalism. Therefore, when making a choice, we should rationally judge according to our own situation, instead of blindly pursuing long, dense and warped.