What is your cosmetics' duration?

Today, I will tell you about the duration of various cosmetics.

Blush generally has a 2-3 year lifespan, but when you find that your blush starts to change color or the powder begins to form a small piece, indicating that it is damp and begins to deteriorate, you can throw it away and not use it again.

Last year's sunscreen was not used up and will be used again this year? It is best not to use this kind of sunscreen that has not been used up, because its sunscreen has basically no effect. If it is coated, it is better to buy a new sunscreen.

Moreover, when using sunscreen, the dosage can not be saved. Cover the skin evenly. A 60ML sunscreen can be used up for about 3 months. If the dosage is not enough, it will not achieve the ideal sunscreen effect.


The use period of mascara is generally about half a year. It is very difficult to make it easy to condense into a block. It is easy to make your eyelashes become "flying feet". It is especially ugly, so you should tighten it after each use, if it is too long. Long inter-annual mascara is best not used, and it is not safe to get into the eyes.

4.Smear mask

Although the shelf life of the mask is also relatively long, if you find that your creamy mask cream starts to harden, it is difficult to spread when applied, and it is a bit stiff when it is applied. The mask has begun to deteriorate, and it can be discarded. Otherwise, it will be applied. It is not worth the loss to make your face allergic!

5.Lipstick and lip gloss

Lipstick and lip gloss are cosmetics that come into direct contact with the mouth, and since they are eaten and eaten more or less after eating, it is best not to use lipstick for a long time, not because of its shelf life but because it is easily contaminated. bacterial.

Therefore, it is best to wipe the end of the lipstick with a clean paper towel after each use, so that it can be kept clean. If the lipstick of the lipstick is found to have water stains, it means that the lipstick has deteriorated. It is best to throw it away.


Stucco and puff are the most easy to hide dirt, so the air cushion BB cream or powder puff we use should be cleaned regularly. When your puff starts to harden, it is no longer the soft feeling. Your puff has lost its elasticity and you can't rebound after washing. Then you have to change the puff.