Unbelievable!Is this false eyelashes ?

NO.1 Rotating clip eyelashes

Want to be more curled, tidy but not exaggerated and curved eyelashes, start to clip the eyelashes from the end of the eye, with the end of the eye as the fulcrum, the petal clip, clip from the root of the eyelashes for a while.

NO.2 Don't forget to clip the eyelashes slightly

The eyelashes should be clipped a few times and moved in a downward vertical direction to ensure a more perfect curvature of the eyelashes.

NO.3 Brush eyelashes

Mainly the root of the eyelashes, gently pick up the eyelids, let the brush head touch the root of the eyelashes, the roots are fixed, and the eyelashes are not easy to collapse.

NO.4 Powder to encrypt

Although the eyelash fiber is very useful, it is also easy to brush out the fly legs. With honey powder, the effect will be much more natural. First put a thin layer of mascara on the eyelashes, then use a clean eyelash brush or a cotton swab to directly pick up the powder. Apply a small amount to the eyelashes and make up the mascara. The effect will come out immediately.

NO.5 Trace eyelashes with a small brush

The lower eyelashes should also be brushed, and the eyes will increase instantly. Under the eyelashes, you can use the eye shadow to sweep the powder.

NO.6 Repeated brushes

Generally, a total of 3 to 4 mascara brushes are used for the upper and lower eyelashes, and attention should be paid to the strength and amount. The specific order: natural waterproof mascara primer → thick mascara encryption → long mascara stretch long eyelashes → thicker to consolidate the lower eyelashes.