Tips for eyelash extension

Generally, we will go to the professional beauty salon to do the eyelash extension. However, not all the services are suitable for our different demands, so how can we find the most suitable service for us? This essay will tell you some professional information about the eyelash extension beauty salon.

First of all, you need to distinguish the quality of the beauty salon and their eyelashes.

1. Many eyelashes used by the American ciliary shop are mostly imported from Japan and Korea. Actually, they are generally the source of goods they find.

2. Some eyelashes are processed by animal hair without thorough disinfection so it is easy to affect eye health and resulting in redness of the eye.

3. Some stores to graft eyelashes when the glue has a lot of hidden trouble, many black hearted merchants in order to make money and reduce the cost.

Then, it is about the daily nursing after eyelash extension

1. Try not to rub your eyes hard. When your eyelashes are falling off, do not use your hands to pull them out. Comb them with eyelashes or look for beauty cilia for repair. The reason is that rubbing your eyes will accelerate the speed of eyelash falling. Also, pull your eyelashes with your hands. If you are careless, you will pull out your eyelashes together with your own eyelashes.

2. 5 hours after grafting, do not wash with water, avoid going to sauna within 5 days, and avoid swimming in 3 days. The reason is that after the beauty and ciliary, the beauty ciliary teacher will blow the glue dry with a hair dryer, but it takes longer to make the glue dry. Only in this way can the eyelashes remain more lasting.

3. Do not use oily makeup remover makeup remover after grafting, bubble recommended the use of special eye makeup remover cotton remover. The reason is that oily ingredients in the makeup remover will break down the glue and reduce the stickiness of the glue, so remove the makeup liquid when you remove your makeup.

So, this is all the information about the eyelash extension tips you should know before and after the eyelash extension, and if you want to know more information about the eyelash extension products and related tools, Hollyren Eyelash store is a professional platform which spare no effort in eyelashes.