Quick quize of eyelash extension

1. How long can the extension eyelashes be kept?

First of all, of course, it depends on the quality of the eyelashes. If the eyelash is thick and curly, the eyelash is the best. Usually when washing your face or rubbing your eyes, it will cause eyelashes to fall off. But usually the extension eyelashes can be maintained for a month and a half to two months. 3 to 4 drops a day are normal, usually a half a month later, you can make up for new eyelashes.

2. Are there any other colors for your eyelashes to choose from?

Of course, the false eyelashes also have purple, black, pink and other colors. These eyelashes are mixed with our own black lashes, but their eyelashes do not need to be dyed!

3.How to get the extension eyelashes into the eyes?

Rinse with normal saline and rinse several times in time. If you still can't wash it out, go to the hospital quickly.

4. Can you touch the water after the lashes are grafted?

In addition, to avoid hot water and steam, when washing face in the morning and evening, do not splash the water to the face as usual, avoid eye cleaning, do not touch the eyelashes when you dry with a towel, and do not touch the water.

5. What are the benefits of extension eyelashes?

A.Protect your eyes, otherwise, every time you remove false eyelashes, you can easily damage your real eyelashes.

B.Reduce the time of make-up.

C.No need for mascara and eyeliner, natural comfort, no discomfort.

6.Can extension eyelashes pain?

Generally it is not painful, extension eyelashes just stick to the natural eyelashes on the natural eyelashes, not touch the eyelids or eyes, very few people because of the eyes are not closed or more sensitive, there will be a very slight itching, but not the feeling of pain.