Powder Eyelash Extension-New Fashion Choice

Powder Eyelash Extension, a new product popular now! It will brighten your eyes and let you talent show yourself! Hollyren Beauty will help you realize your beauty dream!

The new eyelash extension can be powdered with different colors as you wish. While its appliance is easy, the same as our pure color lash extension. You can reference our tutorial blog.

Hollyren Beauty will improve the new products constantly;always walk in the front of fashion.

In new times, female requires to show their specific character and thinking by different way. External beauty becomes a show of confidence. Hair, face, dress, shoes, accessories, each particular is their way of show self. False eyelashes, wigs, nail decoration become more and more popular. Our powder eyelash extension emerged as their requirement. High quality material, fashion style design, skilled production can meet your need.

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Lilith Wang