How to make eyelashes thick and long

Tip 1:
Take a vitamin E capsule every night before going to bed, cut it off and apply the lotion to the roots of our eyelashes before you go to sleep. If you stick to it for three months, it will make our eyelashes grow longer.
Tip 2 :
Use a cotton swab to take a little olive oil before going to bed every night, apply it to the roots of our eyelashes and then go to sleep. However, what we need to pay attention to in this way is that the more olive oil is not applied, the better the effect. As with vitamin E, the use of olive oil for eyelash growth also takes a long time to persist and does not work in a short period of time.
Tip 3:
Tea from overnight tea will also help us grow our eyelashes. Tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols, and this substance can effectively promote the growth of our hair. A friend in need can also use a cotton swab to lick some tea and then apply it to the roots of the eyelashes. Method four:
If none of the above methods work, try the eyelash growth solution. Purchase through regular flagship stores or related counters in related channels. Even if this product does not help you grow your eyelashes, it will at least guarantee the quality and safety of the product.
1. I want our original eyelashes to be better, and more importantly, give it a good growing environment. And make-up or long-time makeup will put a heavy burden on our eyelashes. Therefore, the eye makeup must be removed and cleaned, so that the original eyelashes are breathable.
2, usually, eat more food like black sesame, black beans, such foods have a good effect on our promotion of hair growth.