How to make eyelash growth fast

For girls with short eyelashes, having long eyelashes is a dream for every girl. One of the most common tools used by people with short eyelashes is mascara, but improper use of mascara often damages your natural eyelashes. Here are a few ways to quickly increase your eyelashes:

1. Regularly brush your eyelashes

Use a mascara brush to brush the eyelashes along the place where the eyelashes grow. Pay attention to the strength, so as not to damage the eyelashes. The purpose of this is to stimulate the eyelashes to grow the eyelashes.

2. Take proper care of your eyelashes

Cleaning of the eyes, especially the cleaning of the eyelashes, is very important. Before going to bed every night to cleanse the face, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the eyelashes. Use special cleaning mousse to clean the eye skin and the dust attached to the eyelashes. Grease, which provides more convenient after-day conditions for the growth of eyelashes.

3. Apply oil to the eyelashes

Castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil can effectively stimulate the hair follicle skin, thus promoting the growth of eyelashes. Before going to bed every night, use the mascara brush to draw oil in the direction of eyelash growth and apply it to your eyelashes for a whole night. Allows your eyelashes to grow in 7 days.

4. Apply Vaseline or Lip Balm

In addition to the various oily substances described above to apply your eyelashes, Vaseline is also a good choice, brush your eyelashes in the same way, and also make your eyelashes grow.