How to clear your eyes after eyelash extension

The grafted lashes are now a favorite of many beautiful women, although they are beautiful, but if they do not pay attention to sanitary cleanliness later, there will be a series of health problems in the later period.

Cleaning eyelashes is more than just cleaning on the surface. Deep inside cleaning is more important. If the cleanliness is not in place, it will produce invisible mites.

In fact, even a spotless household may live full of mites. Your quilt, pillows, sofas, carpets, and towels in the bathroom may produce a lot of mites.

More frightening is that mites will bring many diseases, and each is chronic, long-term, difficult to eradicate, for example,Dermatitis, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, bronchitis, otitis media, conjunctivitis.

There is also a kind of mite that will bite. It will take 1 months to recover. If your eyes are not clean, it will take more than 1 months to recover.

Therefore, to make your eyelashes clean and thorough after eyelash extension, the eyelash cleanser foam can not only clean the eyelash, but also contains rich tea tree essence. 99.99% mite can be killed. Make your eyelashes clear and unburdened.

Use method: the water cipher call ciliary SPA and the beauty and ciliary special physiological saline into the product configuration of the quality scale bubble bottle according to the proportion of 1:4, can be used after shaking. When used, the foam is squeezed out and placed in a clean container. With a special soft brush or nano cotton, a proper amount of foam is used to cover the eyelashes and the eyes, while the cotton swab is slowly rolled to clean the eyelashes, and the foam is disappearing, and the saline is flushed slightly.

This product can be used not only for the cleaning of grafted eyelashes, but also for naturally not grafted eyelashes.