Hollyren offer different kind of eyepatch for you ,

Lint Free eyepatch-A type(1 pair/pc) : USD0.45 EXWQingdao based on 500pcs.

- the most popular one

- made in Korea

Lint Free eyepatch-B type(1 pair/pc) : USD0.20 EXWQingdao based on 1000pcs.

-lint free surface with gentle gloss

-customized shape (MOQ: 50000pcs)

-made in China

Lint Free eyepatch-C type(1 pair/pc) : USD0.25 EXWQingdao based on 1000pcs.

- silk collagen

- 1mm distance without collagen preventing the spilling

- made in Korea

Nourish Refresh eyepatch-A type (10pairs/pc) : USD3.65 EXWQingdao with 200pcs.

Nourish Refresh eyepatch-B type (10pairs/pc) : USD2.25 EXWQingdao with 200pcs.

- 10 pairs per set - 10% lower cost than 1pair/pc package
- no residual gel, no crumbs, rich hydrated

- very thinner and bigger area

- cut on the patch can help to cover eye skin better

- be helpful to lift and tighten the ocular skin after long time using

- made in Korea

eye patch

1mm distance without collagen preventing the colagen from spilling over during the operation.

The eyepatch of silk collagen ,with smooth fibre surface ,will not have any fragment when using .Because of the white clear color ,the technician can have a clear contrast between eyelashes when they are on the operation.There is a blan take of 1mm distance without collagen inside that is preventing the collagen from spilling over during the operation.This kind of eye patch is the new medical used eye patch .