Hollyren False Eyelashes

Hi everyone! I'm here today with a review on Genie Lashes. To give a brief background, Genie Lashes was constituted by 5 person stories, Medusa, Siren, Mata Harri, Pandora and Eve. The idea behind the company is that the lashes are high quality, and exemplify luxury, sophistication, and elegance. The lashes themselves stand apart from ones you might find for $0.25 at the drugstore in terms of quality and material- these lashes are made out of synthethtic fiber, 100% authentic mink fur. The lashes are said to be hand made, cruelty-free. For the mink eyelashes, the minks are not harmed in the process- they are simply brushed and the loose hairs get collected and made into lashes. Having the lashes made out of mink fur means they are super lightweight, comfortable, believable, and long-lasting. These lashes last through at least 25 wears, which is unparalleled by any lash I've ever encountered or heard of up to this point.


Asthe representation of gorgon, Medusa has gave us the ideal of creating the our luxuriant series. Products in “Medusa”series are designed especially for the special occasions, parties and theshows, or whenever you like. Deluxe feather eyelashes and metallic eyelashescould be found in this series, and many products with the side sweeping patternwill instantly add volume and style to the eyes. The lashes are ideal forattracting attention, and noone will miss your eyes with these lashes on!


For our “Siren” series, allthe products in this series have sweeping shape and the lashes gradually increase from the corner to the end of theeye. These striking,exceptionally luxuriant, hand-worked eyelashes with laterally lengthenedindividual, black lashes will instantly add volume and style to your eyes. In addition, beads andrhinestones could be added according to your preference for extra attention!

Mata Harri

Like “Mata Harri”,this promiscuousand flirtatious lady, we brought this carefree provocative style to our falseeyelash. “Mata Harri” series provide you many different kinds of handcraftedlashes, and many products in this series flare outwards, featuring varying lengths thatprovide a feathered effect. Absolutely stunning for that specialoccasion! In addition, some products with wispy polished tipends add a subtle element, offering a look that is dramatic yetnatural.


Ourglamour and mysterious series – “Pandora” series, products in this series areideal for going out, attracting attention, and flirting, because of thedramatic and dense design of the lashes. It’s also mentionable that studs andmetallic can be added for extra attention. Let’s finish off the eye makeup with added length and volume.


Especiallydesigned for daily makeup, products in our “Eva” series are natural butattractive, some of the lashes with clear band and the rest of them arefinished with black fine line. Theseeyelashes are an excellent choice for women who want to accentuate the eyes,while still providing a natural look. The understated volume and variablelengths and fullness give a natural tapered effect.

Hollyren teach you how to wear false eyelase and pls see the below instructions:

1. Remove: Carefully remove lashes from the tray using tweezers.

2. Measure: Hold lash over your own eyelash, starting with the inner side of your eyelash(closest to your nose). Cut false lash excess from outer side if needed.

3. Adhesive: Using tweezers, apply line of adhesive along false lash band, wait 30 seconds.

4. Apply: Place false lash above your own lashline. Gently apply pressure holding the corners for 5-10 seconds to secure.

Caution: Do not apply adhesive directly to your eyelid. Only use eyelash adhesive.

Lash Care: Remove excess adhesive with tweezers and store within tray.