Hollyren 5D Pre-fanned Pandora Eyeash Extensions

Glad to recommend our super New Special Product for you.

Pre-fanned Pandora--New Revolution of Volume extension ~Fast-Easily way to get 3D/6D volume effect!

When it becomes difficult for some technicians to get a perfect blooming volume for 3D/6D extension~

Let the finished 5D pre-fanned Pandora save you!

When competition becomes so fierce and save time for each customer are so important~

Let the finished 5D pre-fanned Pandora save you!

Even Beginners can Master Pre-fanned Pandora Fast and Smooth!!

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Prefanned Pandora

The big advantages:

1. 0.07mm super soft and light~

2. Mixed length per flare~finished blooming on your eyes~

Upgrade on same length 5D fanned extension, with more natural and fluffy lashes!

Prefanned pandora eyelash extension