Have you seen Kristen Stewart in Cannes Film Festival?

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival, in addition to clothing and personal charm, Kristen Stewart barefooted the red carpet to refresh the awareness of the red carpet.

In fact, in addition to this red carpet, Kristen is not the first time to walk barefoot.

In the next two sets of red carpets, Kristen Stewart did not take off his shoes like this one! Instead, he succeeded in stealing the mirror with his strength.

For example, this relatively neutral style, white shirt with black windbreaker and black stovepipe pants, shoes are also replaced with more comfortable flat shoes. Compared with the short skirt high heels in the front, this cool style is more suitable for Kristen's temperament, full of unruly handsome cool.

There are a lot of bright spots on the clothes. For example, the shirt is only the top button, and the bottom is a v-neck. The personality is bold.

The most attractive thing is this very classic hair style, close to the scalp hairstyle, with smoky makeup, Kristen is really good, no greasy feeling, a small girl can still be full of handsome, The temperament is too unique.

Another simple black-and-white horizontal dress, cross-waist design outlines the waist curve, with black pointed high-heeled shoes, although it looks a little fat but elegant yet feminine. But don't be fooled by this simple low-key dress, it's brighter in the near future.

The light is attracted to this personality by the bangs in front, and the makeup is still very character.

On the side, I saw a thin line of hairpins, and the cross-belt method also left a small hairpin, which was really eye-catching.