5 tips to make your eyeliner last longer

The eyeliner has an excellent method of eye contouring, which can effectively modify the eye shape. However, after the eyeliner has been removed for a period of time, what tips are needed in the makeup process to make the eyeliner last longer? Let's share it with you today.
Tip 1: Use oil-absorbent paper to clean the excess oil from the eyes, so that the skin is more refreshed and the eye makeup is more durable. Oil-absorbing paper can also be used daily, and it can also be used before the air cushion can be used to make the makeup of the entire face more refreshing.
Tip 2: Before the makeup, you can replenish the skin of the eye, apply an eye mask or apply eye cream to make the eyeliner more durable.
Tip 3: Set the makeup with honey powder or loose powder. The first step can be applied to the bottom of the eye. The second step can be applied after applying the eye makeup. Press gently and the position of the eyelid should be appropriate. The set makeup also gives the overall look a soft, matte finish.
Tip 4: The eye shadow also has an excellent effect on modifying the contour of the eye. You can apply the eye shadow of the same color after the eyeliner is drawn, and it can also play the effect of setting the makeup, making the makeup of the eye more durable. And the overall match is also good.
Tip 5: Select the anti-staining eyeliner product treasure, anti-staining eyeliner is very convenient to use, and the durability is particularly good.

5 tips to enlarge your eyes

For girls, the way to enlarge the eyes is eyeliner, eye shadow, but the most agreeable one is to enlarge the eye is the eyelashes. Eyelashes may be the most unappreciated part of the eye makeup. Many girls buy a lot of lipstick, but they do not take time to pick the best fit eyelash curler that suits you. False eyelashes are pure natural eyeliners. Today, I will share how to use the false eyelashes to method the eye species.

1. Brush mascara

Before using mascara, you can wrap the brush head with a paper towel, gently press it and then brush the eyelashes. This will prevent a lot of mascara from sticking to the brush head and instantly turning the eyelashes into flies.

In addition, you should choose the mascara brush of different materials according to the effect you want to create. You can choose the bristle brush head for the super curling effect. If you want the natural effect, you can choose the spiral brush head. For girls who are pursuing nude makeup, super A fine brush head is the best choice.

2. Clip eyelashes

Most people directly follow the trend to buy a hot eyelash curler, and even did not even do their homework to buy one, and found that it is not easy to use. Since each person's eyes are not the same, the best way is to go to the counter to try it out. Buying the right one is not easy to clip the eyelids, but also achieve better results.

When clamping the eyelashes, do not clip it into a straight L-shape. Hold it close to the root of the eyelashes for ten seconds, then clip it once in the middle and the front of the eyelashes to create a natural curl. If the eyelashes are too Soft couches, you can also try to power off the eyelash curler, which will make your eyelashes bend more naturally.

3. Wearing false eyelashes

You can prepare one of the thick and thinning false eyelashes, then cut them into three sections and adjust the curvature by hand. The inner corner of the eye is sticky and thin, and the back is glued with two thick sections, so that it looks natural. Don't forget to curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler before wearing, then brush the mascara from the real eyelashes to the false eyelashes, so that the two layers of eyelashes can be attached together in the same way.

4. Eyelash extension

Many people are worried about the safety of grafting eyelashes. In fact, it is only attached to the eyelashes instead of the eyelids, so there is no pain. Generally, it will not cause damage to your eyelashes. It will fall off automatically after one month.

5. Eyelash growth liquid

As long as it is the eyelash growth liquid produced by the regular brand, as long as it persists, it will have a certain effect, but it must be applied according to the instructions according to the instructions. It can neither be lazy nor use excessive amount for the pursuit of effect.

Quick quize of eyelash extension

1. How long can the extension eyelashes be kept?

First of all, of course, it depends on the quality of the eyelashes. If the eyelash is thick and curly, the eyelash is the best. Usually when washing your face or rubbing your eyes, it will cause eyelashes to fall off. But usually the extension eyelashes can be maintained for a month and a half to two months. 3 to 4 drops a day are normal, usually a half a month later, you can make up for new eyelashes.

2. Are there any other colors for your eyelashes to choose from?

Of course, the false eyelashes also have purple, black, pink and other colors. These eyelashes are mixed with our own black lashes, but their eyelashes do not need to be dyed!

3.How to get the extension eyelashes into the eyes?

Rinse with normal saline and rinse several times in time. If you still can't wash it out, go to the hospital quickly.

4. Can you touch the water after the lashes are grafted?

In addition, to avoid hot water and steam, when washing face in the morning and evening, do not splash the water to the face as usual, avoid eye cleaning, do not touch the eyelashes when you dry with a towel, and do not touch the water.

5. What are the benefits of extension eyelashes?

A.Protect your eyes, otherwise, every time you remove false eyelashes, you can easily damage your real eyelashes.

B.Reduce the time of make-up.

C.No need for mascara and eyeliner, natural comfort, no discomfort.

6.Can extension eyelashes pain?

Generally it is not painful, extension eyelashes just stick to the natural eyelashes on the natural eyelashes, not touch the eyelids or eyes, very few people because of the eyes are not closed or more sensitive, there will be a very slight itching, but not the feeling of pain.

How to maintain and protect your eyelash after eyelash extension.

In order to keep your eyelashes for a longer period of time, the maintenance of the grafting is very important, and to protect your true eyelashes more effectively, this is the article today to share the maintenance and maintenance after the grafting.

1. points of attention after grafting

After 6 hours of grafting eyelashes, avoid washing, bathing, sauna, hot yoga, swimming and other hot and humid environments. After the grafting of the special glue, although it looks dry, it is not completely cured. Touching the water at this time will make the eyelashes easy to fall off, or make the glue easy to whiten.

2. points for attention when washing the face

a. use non - oily cleanser as much as possible. Oily ingredients are easily penetrated to the bonding parts, and the use of oily cleansing cream may cause premature eyelashes to fall off.

b. do not burden your eyelashes when you wash your face. Do not rub or rub your eyelashes. You should wash your fingers from the top of your eyelids.

c. do not face the eye directly when you take a shower. Strong water pressure can cause eyelashes to deform and fall off early. Wash the water with your palms or water on the washbasin.

d. after washing the face, gently press the upper eyelid and wipe away the moisture. Be careful not to put the towel into the eyelashes.

Blow dryer can be used to dry the residual moisture or to dry with napkins.

3. precautions for skin care

Cotton pads should be applied to make-up water and should be taken lightly near the eyelash, because the fibers of the cotton piece may be lapped to the eyelash.

Fingers can be smeared near the eyes. If the oil containing emulsion or cream is attached to the eyelash, wipe it gently with wet cotton piece and cotton swab.

4. precautions for make-up

a. when using eyeliner, if you choose hard pen or eyeliner to rub the root of eyelash, it will cause burdens and fall off easily. Please use a soft eyeliner or eyeliner.

b. eye shadow or foundation is attached to the eyelash, it should be wiped with a wet napkin. When the make-up and foundation notes are obvious, they should be gently wiped with eyelash clean water.

c. is better not to use mascara. Because Mascara removable will cause a heavy burden on grafted eyelashes. If you have to use it, suggest using mascara mascara.

d. It is best not to use eyelash clips, but also to bring eyelashes to the burden, so that eyelashes and eyelashes are easy to fall off.

If your eyelashes are too straight, you can use the hot eyelash clip.

5. precautions for sleeping

Don't sleep on your stomach! Sleeping on your face or putting your eyelashes on your pillow will cause your eyelashes to deform for a long time. It may also break or fall off. It is advised to sleep supine as far as possible.

6. notices when falling off

After the half of the eyelash is removed, the remaining eyelashes are not well modeled. Forcible removal can damage the primary eyelashes.

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