What you need to do before doing eyelash extension

False eyelashes now are playing an important part in girls’ daily life. However, some girls will feel that it wastes time cause every morning they need to do that. Therefore, eyelash extension becomes the first choice in the girls community.

But do you know what you need to do before eyelash extension? Do you know what kind of eyelashes adjust you, this essay will share what you need to do before eyelash extension.

1. Make sensitive test

Please make a sensitive test before doing eyelash extension to confirm whether you are sensitive eye skin.

2. Choose material of eyelashes

Different kind of price have different kind of material. For the material, we recommend to choose a softer and finer texture, which will cause less damage to the eyelash and keep it longer after grafting. Also, you can take advice of the professional staff to let them introduce the best which adapt you.

3. When choosing the root number, do not blindly pursue thickening.

If you graft a lot of false eyelashes on a single eyelash, it will do great harm to your eyelashes. At present, many stores recommend a single grafting method, in order to minimize the damage to eyelashes. But if your eyelashes are rare, consider grafting two of them on some eyelashes. After all, the choice of grafting is to complete the beauty, if it is sparse, the effect will certainly not satisfy you. These details need to be discussed with technicians carefully and selected according to the actual situation of eyelashes.

4. Select the shape of eyelashes

You can choose according to the characteristics of your eyes and the effect you want to show. Generally speaking, if the eyes are not long enough, people can choose the elongated eye tail, not only can adjust the eye type well, but also enhance the sense of charm. If people with narrow eyelids or eyebrow eyes are relatively narrow, it is not recommended to choose too curly. For professional women, too long false eyelashes will be unnatural, and reduce your professionalism. Therefore, when making a choice, we should rationally judge according to our own situation, instead of blindly pursuing long, dense and warped.

How to clear your eyes after eyelash extension

The grafted lashes are now a favorite of many beautiful women, although they are beautiful, but if they do not pay attention to sanitary cleanliness later, there will be a series of health problems in the later period.

Cleaning eyelashes is more than just cleaning on the surface. Deep inside cleaning is more important. If the cleanliness is not in place, it will produce invisible mites.

In fact, even a spotless household may live full of mites. Your quilt, pillows, sofas, carpets, and towels in the bathroom may produce a lot of mites.

More frightening is that mites will bring many diseases, and each is chronic, long-term, difficult to eradicate, for example,Dermatitis, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, bronchitis, otitis media, conjunctivitis.

There is also a kind of mite that will bite. It will take 1 months to recover. If your eyes are not clean, it will take more than 1 months to recover.

Therefore, to make your eyelashes clean and thorough after eyelash extension, the eyelash cleanser foam can not only clean the eyelash, but also contains rich tea tree essence. 99.99% mite can be killed. Make your eyelashes clear and unburdened.

Use method: the water cipher call ciliary SPA and the beauty and ciliary special physiological saline into the product configuration of the quality scale bubble bottle according to the proportion of 1:4, can be used after shaking. When used, the foam is squeezed out and placed in a clean container. With a special soft brush or nano cotton, a proper amount of foam is used to cover the eyelashes and the eyes, while the cotton swab is slowly rolled to clean the eyelashes, and the foam is disappearing, and the saline is flushed slightly.

This product can be used not only for the cleaning of grafted eyelashes, but also for naturally not grafted eyelashes.

How to make eyelash growth fast

For girls with short eyelashes, having long eyelashes is a dream for every girl. One of the most common tools used by people with short eyelashes is mascara, but improper use of mascara often damages your natural eyelashes. Here are a few ways to quickly increase your eyelashes:

1. Regularly brush your eyelashes

Use a mascara brush to brush the eyelashes along the place where the eyelashes grow. Pay attention to the strength, so as not to damage the eyelashes. The purpose of this is to stimulate the eyelashes to grow the eyelashes.

2. Take proper care of your eyelashes

Cleaning of the eyes, especially the cleaning of the eyelashes, is very important. Before going to bed every night to cleanse the face, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the eyelashes. Use special cleaning mousse to clean the eye skin and the dust attached to the eyelashes. Grease, which provides more convenient after-day conditions for the growth of eyelashes.

3. Apply oil to the eyelashes

Castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil can effectively stimulate the hair follicle skin, thus promoting the growth of eyelashes. Before going to bed every night, use the mascara brush to draw oil in the direction of eyelash growth and apply it to your eyelashes for a whole night. Allows your eyelashes to grow in 7 days.

4. Apply Vaseline or Lip Balm

In addition to the various oily substances described above to apply your eyelashes, Vaseline is also a good choice, brush your eyelashes in the same way, and also make your eyelashes grow.

Tips for eyelash extension

Generally, we will go to the professional beauty salon to do the eyelash extension. However, not all the services are suitable for our different demands, so how can we find the most suitable service for us? This essay will tell you some professional information about the eyelash extension beauty salon.

First of all, you need to distinguish the quality of the beauty salon and their eyelashes.

1. Many eyelashes used by the American ciliary shop are mostly imported from Japan and Korea. Actually, they are generally the source of goods they find.

2. Some eyelashes are processed by animal hair without thorough disinfection so it is easy to affect eye health and resulting in redness of the eye.

3. Some stores to graft eyelashes when the glue has a lot of hidden trouble, many black hearted merchants in order to make money and reduce the cost.

Then, it is about the daily nursing after eyelash extension

1. Try not to rub your eyes hard. When your eyelashes are falling off, do not use your hands to pull them out. Comb them with eyelashes or look for beauty cilia for repair. The reason is that rubbing your eyes will accelerate the speed of eyelash falling. Also, pull your eyelashes with your hands. If you are careless, you will pull out your eyelashes together with your own eyelashes.

2. 5 hours after grafting, do not wash with water, avoid going to sauna within 5 days, and avoid swimming in 3 days. The reason is that after the beauty and ciliary, the beauty ciliary teacher will blow the glue dry with a hair dryer, but it takes longer to make the glue dry. Only in this way can the eyelashes remain more lasting.

3. Do not use oily makeup remover makeup remover after grafting, bubble recommended the use of special eye makeup remover cotton remover. The reason is that oily ingredients in the makeup remover will break down the glue and reduce the stickiness of the glue, so remove the makeup liquid when you remove your makeup.

So, this is all the information about the eyelash extension tips you should know before and after the eyelash extension, and if you want to know more information about the eyelash extension products and related tools, Hollyren Eyelash store is a professional platform which spare no effort in eyelashes.

Have you seen Kristen Stewart in Cannes Film Festival?

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival, in addition to clothing and personal charm, Kristen Stewart barefooted the red carpet to refresh the awareness of the red carpet.

In fact, in addition to this red carpet, Kristen is not the first time to walk barefoot.

In the next two sets of red carpets, Kristen Stewart did not take off his shoes like this one! Instead, he succeeded in stealing the mirror with his strength.

For example, this relatively neutral style, white shirt with black windbreaker and black stovepipe pants, shoes are also replaced with more comfortable flat shoes. Compared with the short skirt high heels in the front, this cool style is more suitable for Kristen's temperament, full of unruly handsome cool.

There are a lot of bright spots on the clothes. For example, the shirt is only the top button, and the bottom is a v-neck. The personality is bold.

The most attractive thing is this very classic hair style, close to the scalp hairstyle, with smoky makeup, Kristen is really good, no greasy feeling, a small girl can still be full of handsome, The temperament is too unique.

Another simple black-and-white horizontal dress, cross-waist design outlines the waist curve, with black pointed high-heeled shoes, although it looks a little fat but elegant yet feminine. But don't be fooled by this simple low-key dress, it's brighter in the near future.

The light is attracted to this personality by the bangs in front, and the makeup is still very character.

On the side, I saw a thin line of hairpins, and the cross-belt method also left a small hairpin, which was really eye-catching.

How to remove dark circles

What is the beauty trouble, the dark circles can definitely be ranked first.

Whether it's insomnia all night, long-distance flight, or a week of intense work, tired eyes seem to have been a headache for beauty since ancient times.

Perhaps it is related to the association that the shadows bring to people. People look tired, nervous and stressed, and often look exhausted.

What is the real reason for these shadows?
The formation of dark circles is caused by two different factors, heredity and living habits.
Dark circles are mainly pigmentation, which may be hereditary or may be caused by sunlight.

Another cause of dark circles is the expansion of the veins. As the veins under the eyes expand, they become larger and darker. This is due to excessive fatigue, seasonal allergies and dietary factors.

The best way to find out the cause of your dark circles is to perform a kneading test. “If you hold your skin up and the skin color is still brown, it means you have pigmentation problems. On the other hand, if you do the same action, the skin tone looks better, your problem may be vein expansion

How to improve the condition of dark circles? The following two methods are for your reference.
Improve diet

Although no diet can quickly remove dark circles, the nutritive and anti-inflammatory diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats can significantly improve the body's condition, including the eye area.

In addition to the first time, less red wine and less caffeine can also help to improve the dark circles under the eyes.

2. Improve sleep quality

Take as much steps as possible to ensure that you have a good quality of sleep. First and foremost, the electronics set the night mode, which minimizes blue light, which has been shown to interfere with our natural sleep cycle.

The above two methods, long-term adherence to the improvement of dark circles will be very significant.
In addition, the dark circles are improved, and if you have a fake eyelash that suits you, it will make your eyes shine.Hollyren false eyelashes will be your best choice.

What is your cosmetics' duration?

Today, I will tell you about the duration of various cosmetics.

Blush generally has a 2-3 year lifespan, but when you find that your blush starts to change color or the powder begins to form a small piece, indicating that it is damp and begins to deteriorate, you can throw it away and not use it again.

Last year's sunscreen was not used up and will be used again this year? It is best not to use this kind of sunscreen that has not been used up, because its sunscreen has basically no effect. If it is coated, it is better to buy a new sunscreen.

Moreover, when using sunscreen, the dosage can not be saved. Cover the skin evenly. A 60ML sunscreen can be used up for about 3 months. If the dosage is not enough, it will not achieve the ideal sunscreen effect.


The use period of mascara is generally about half a year. It is very difficult to make it easy to condense into a block. It is easy to make your eyelashes become "flying feet". It is especially ugly, so you should tighten it after each use, if it is too long. Long inter-annual mascara is best not used, and it is not safe to get into the eyes.

4.Smear mask

Although the shelf life of the mask is also relatively long, if you find that your creamy mask cream starts to harden, it is difficult to spread when applied, and it is a bit stiff when it is applied. The mask has begun to deteriorate, and it can be discarded. Otherwise, it will be applied. It is not worth the loss to make your face allergic!

5.Lipstick and lip gloss

Lipstick and lip gloss are cosmetics that come into direct contact with the mouth, and since they are eaten and eaten more or less after eating, it is best not to use lipstick for a long time, not because of its shelf life but because it is easily contaminated. bacterial.

Therefore, it is best to wipe the end of the lipstick with a clean paper towel after each use, so that it can be kept clean. If the lipstick of the lipstick is found to have water stains, it means that the lipstick has deteriorated. It is best to throw it away.


Stucco and puff are the most easy to hide dirt, so the air cushion BB cream or powder puff we use should be cleaned regularly. When your puff starts to harden, it is no longer the soft feeling. Your puff has lost its elasticity and you can't rebound after washing. Then you have to change the puff.

How to make eyelashes thick and long

Tip 1:
Take a vitamin E capsule every night before going to bed, cut it off and apply the lotion to the roots of our eyelashes before you go to sleep. If you stick to it for three months, it will make our eyelashes grow longer.
Tip 2 :
Use a cotton swab to take a little olive oil before going to bed every night, apply it to the roots of our eyelashes and then go to sleep. However, what we need to pay attention to in this way is that the more olive oil is not applied, the better the effect. As with vitamin E, the use of olive oil for eyelash growth also takes a long time to persist and does not work in a short period of time.
Tip 3:
Tea from overnight tea will also help us grow our eyelashes. Tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols, and this substance can effectively promote the growth of our hair. A friend in need can also use a cotton swab to lick some tea and then apply it to the roots of the eyelashes. Method four:
If none of the above methods work, try the eyelash growth solution. Purchase through regular flagship stores or related counters in related channels. Even if this product does not help you grow your eyelashes, it will at least guarantee the quality and safety of the product.
1. I want our original eyelashes to be better, and more importantly, give it a good growing environment. And make-up or long-time makeup will put a heavy burden on our eyelashes. Therefore, the eye makeup must be removed and cleaned, so that the original eyelashes are breathable.
2, usually, eat more food like black sesame, black beans, such foods have a good effect on our promotion of hair growth.

Unbelievable!Is this false eyelashes ?

NO.1 Rotating clip eyelashes

Want to be more curled, tidy but not exaggerated and curved eyelashes, start to clip the eyelashes from the end of the eye, with the end of the eye as the fulcrum, the petal clip, clip from the root of the eyelashes for a while.

NO.2 Don't forget to clip the eyelashes slightly

The eyelashes should be clipped a few times and moved in a downward vertical direction to ensure a more perfect curvature of the eyelashes.

NO.3 Brush eyelashes

Mainly the root of the eyelashes, gently pick up the eyelids, let the brush head touch the root of the eyelashes, the roots are fixed, and the eyelashes are not easy to collapse.

NO.4 Powder to encrypt

Although the eyelash fiber is very useful, it is also easy to brush out the fly legs. With honey powder, the effect will be much more natural. First put a thin layer of mascara on the eyelashes, then use a clean eyelash brush or a cotton swab to directly pick up the powder. Apply a small amount to the eyelashes and make up the mascara. The effect will come out immediately.

NO.5 Trace eyelashes with a small brush

The lower eyelashes should also be brushed, and the eyes will increase instantly. Under the eyelashes, you can use the eye shadow to sweep the powder.

NO.6 Repeated brushes

Generally, a total of 3 to 4 mascara brushes are used for the upper and lower eyelashes, and attention should be paid to the strength and amount. The specific order: natural waterproof mascara primer → thick mascara encryption → long mascara stretch long eyelashes → thicker to consolidate the lower eyelashes.

6D,3D eyelash extensions

Please let us introduce 6D,3D eyelash extensions to you, It's our most hot sales style 0.07mm and 0.12mm eyelash extension products.
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Tweezers for 6D,3D eyelash extension are available.

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