Hollyren Big Day of Giving Raises $20,000 for Charitable Giving

For two days in the beginning of September 2019, employees at Hollyren worked together to raise money for various charities. The 150 employees organized a highly effective fundraising campaign to support Tong Xing Zhi Jia, a group home and boarding school for developmentally, mentally, and physically disabled children.

The “Big Day of Giving” charity event brought in over $20,000 specifically meant for the non-profit organization’s benefit. It was presented to Xu Mingzhe, Tong Xing Zhi Jia’s head of operations.

The care center and school provides homes and a free education for many children who come from the surrounding region in Qingdao. They have physical disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, and other similar conditions affecting their lives.

These things make it difficult for them to assimilate into standard school. Here at Tong Xing Zhi Jia, they receive the special attention they need to flourish personally and educationally. The goal is to nurture not only their minds and bodies but also their hearts through care, compassion, and commitment.

Each child gets the care they need to do their best. They receive rehabilitation services as needed, too. All of this attention and high-quality services cost money, however. The families of the children do not need to pay for any of it. The Xu family funds the entire center through fundraising campaigns and charitable giving.

Hollyren’s employees were proud to put forth such a great effort and raise the $20,000 for Tong Xing Zhi Jia’s needs. The money helped to buy refrigerators, water dispensers, air conditioning units, computer equipment, as well as staples like rice, flour, oil, and fruit for the kitchen.

The kindness of the workers did not stop with raising money. Many spent the day at the center learning about the good work it does for the children of the community. They played games and spoke with dozens of the kids to get a personal glimpse into how the fundraising will help.

The “Big Day of Giving” provided much-needed supplies to the children’s home and school, but it also helped the employees at Hollyren understand the importance of helping the community. Taking part in volunteer work underlines the value in reaching out to help others achieve their goals.

Hollyren is proud to do its part to help these wonderful children live happier, healthier lives with more educational opportunities than before. We stand firm in our commitment to doing our part to assist the community whenever possible.

Applying Eyelash extension

Steps for Applying False Eyelashes

(2)Regarding to Applying Eyelash Extension

Follow us, every man can be dominated by you.

Eyelash Extension are designed for longer wear and can stay on for up to one week if looked after well.

TIP: When using Eyelash Extension apply them mainly to the outer corners of the eyes.

TIP: Use extension clusters of lashes in the outer corners, if you want to go further across the eye use single strand lashes.


If you think the lashes are too long, trim them to the desired length.


Pour a small amount of Eyelash Adhesive on to a piece of tin foil.


Using tweezers pick up about 0.2cm lash cluster. Dip the bulb of the lash into the adhesive. Start 0.5cm in from the outer edge of your natural lash line, gently wiggle the false lash into the base of your own lashes, as close to your lash line as possible (note the false eyelash is meant to stick to your own lashes NOT your eyelid) then release the tweezers.

Repeat, working along the lash line until you have the desired effect. Do not worry about the white blobs of adhesive as this will dry clear.

TIP: DO NOT curl false eyelash strips with eyelash curlers as they are likely to become un-stuck.

If you want to know more information about applying false eyelashes, please follow the bolg from our website www.hollyren.com .

Helen Shao


Paper Cut Eyelashes-Your Style, Elegance and Fashion

The traditional mysterious Chinese Paper Cut used in the false eyelashes; a new idea of fashion and elegance!

Break through the traditional limitationthat false eyelashes should be made of synthetic fiber, furhter or mink. It creatively introduces the new material of PAPER into the false eyelash produce.

The vivid different designs are absolutely made by hand. The handy workers play their imagination and creativity to cut many beautiful false eyelashes.

When personality becomes a show of young people,we need more to express ourselves. Eyes are the window of soul. Paper Cut Eyelashes will lead a tide of fashion.

Try HOLLYREN BEAUTY and show a new yourself!

How long can a lace wig last life

If properly treated, our lace wigs can last several months – even up to a year. Remember that heat is hairs worst enemy, so if you blow dry or straighten the hair all the time, it will reduce the lifetime.

We strongly recommend that you use our silicone hair serum to maintain the hair. It is unmatched in reducing frizz and this way you will be able brush the hair much more easily, reducing strain on the lace cap while also reducing the need for straightening. Our silicone hair serum even reduces static electricity and keeps your hair looking full, thick and shiny, even in those dry winters.

As for the lace cap itself, the lifespan depends on how often you remove and reapply the hair. The biggest strain on the lace cap is when you remove the adhesive, so make sure you are as careful as possible.

As something quite unique in the business we can also offer to have your lace wig repaired at a much lower cost than that of a new lace wigs, with the same result. If you have two or three lace wigs, you can constantly have them repaired in order to maintain the look, style and density at an affordable cost.

New Product about the Synthetic Hair Extension

We are the specilaied synthetic hair extension OEM in China. Hollyren Company is specialized in beauty line product. Our this synthetic clip in hair extension is most popular in worldwild. The product is passed the ICQ test. It can be sued for toyes for children and very invironmental protection. Follwing is the information about our synthetic featehr hair extension type.

1.Synthetic heat resistant fiber so you can color or curly it again, it is feather hair extensions.
2. OEM: we are manufacturer; the synthetic clip-in hair extension can get it.
3. Promise: we promise our quality of the goods, we will refund all of the money if have quality problem.

Thefeatures of clips Syntheticclip-in Hair extension Piece:
1.The material is heat resistant fiber, can bear 200 degree Celsius, so you can style it by yourself, thedye is friendly to environment and never fade!
2. Textures: straight, yaki, wave, curly, etc
3.Color:Dark color, Light color, Side by Side color(F color), Piano color(P Color), Two Tone color(T color), Mix colors are available.

4.The clips are made of black manganese steel, We can make various pattern, design, length, colors, or according to your design! It means you can send us a photo; we will print the picture on the hair!

5. Sample: the sample can available but we do not bear the shipping fee, please kindly understand.

New Product Show:

Why do you choose us?
1. We are original equipment manufacturer; we can promise you that our goods are finest in qualityand competitive in price. We promise you that if the goods are not good we refund the money for you ifyou reback the goods.
2. Sample available: we can offer the free samples.
3. Material: the material we use is heat resistant fiber and it can bear the 200 degree Celsius. When youget the goods ,you can curly or color it again.THIS CLIPS ON ONE PCS, 2pcs in one bag, the aboveprice is apply to the 12" long and 2.3cm clip wide one. Now our clients are like this style very much.Welcome your inquiry!
4. Quality: Our goods are printing clearly, no shedding and no tangle.

Please see the compared pictures of our goods and other factory products. Left are others suppliersproduct, right side is our product. Our hair extension has beautiful print with nice fiber.

Customer Satisfaction:

Please don`t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns before or after your purchase.We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

There are many payment methods available. Such as PayPal, real-time bank transfers, Western Union,TT and money gram. You can choose a method which is the most convenient for you. To protect yourinterests, your payment will be temporarily held by Our Side

How To Use the Clip IN Hair Extension?The same way to wear the synthetic clip in hair extension is as the same as the human clip in hairextensions.

ICQ Test:

Powder Eyelash Extension-New Fashion Choice

Powder Eyelash Extension, a new product popular now! It will brighten your eyes and let you talent show yourself! Hollyren Beauty will help you realize your beauty dream!

The new eyelash extension can be powdered with different colors as you wish. While its appliance is easy, the same as our pure color lash extension. You can reference our tutorial blog.

Hollyren Beauty will improve the new products constantly;always walk in the front of fashion.

In new times, female requires to show their specific character and thinking by different way. External beauty becomes a show of confidence. Hair, face, dress, shoes, accessories, each particular is their way of show self. False eyelashes, wigs, nail decoration become more and more popular. Our powder eyelash extension emerged as their requirement. High quality material, fashion style design, skilled production can meet your need.

More eyelashes, enjoy our web www.hollyren.com.

Lilith Wang

Hollyren Eyelash Extension

Professional Use

Hollyren Lashes Professional Eyelash Extensions are for professional useonly, and must be applied by someone trained and certified in applying eyelashextensions. Before purchasing this service, make sure your eyelash extensionprofessional is certified by hollyren Lashes to ensure the highest level ofquality training. Applying professional eyelash extensions to your own lashesis difficult and may result in discomfort or injury.

Professional Quality

Hollyren Lashes Professional Eyelash Extensions aresemi-permanent, lasting 4-6 weeks depending on the life cycle of your ownnatural lashes and other factors. Though the average cycle of a single lash isabout 90 days, factors such as your eyelash characteristics, lifestyle, andgeneral care of your lashes will affect how your hollyren Lashes last.

Natural Look

If you look up close you can see that theseindividually applied synthetic eyelashes actually appear to have a root. If youwould like to a larger version simply click on the image. They have a naturallooking curve so there is no need to use eyelash curlers. Eyelash Extensionscome in various lengths, colors and thicknesses to create a beautiful andnatural look. Brilliant colors such as blue and green are very popular and helpto accentuate the natural beauty and color of one‚ natural eye color andnatural lashes.

Feel &Wear

When professionally and properly applied, you cannot feelany difference after having your lashes enhanced with hollyren Lashes ProfessionalEyelash Extensions. If you do feel a difference then your lashes were notproperly applied, and you need to contact your professional.

Introduction of real mink fur false eyelashes

Mink Eyelashes are the latest trend in the beauty industry. The real mink fur in Hollyren eyelashes give the wearer's eyelashes a lush, velvet-like appearance that synthetic strip lashes cannot duplicate. Supermodel Heidi Klum has said that Mink eyelashes give you Bambi lashes. Other celebrities who have tried mink eyelashes include Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, and Oprah Winfrey. Hollyren eyelashes offer everyone the chance to experience the same luxury used to enjoyed only by VIP's.

When applied these lashes give the look of individual eyelash extensions - completely natural. The Mink fur strands are double layered and curled - blending perfectly with your own eyelashes.

No animals are ever harmed in this process. GENIE strip lashes are hand-made; they are not chemically treated or dyed.

Mink Fur eyelashes are an excellent investment. With proper care they can be worn up to a staggering 25 times! If you are new to self-application, we suggest first practicing with standard strip lashes.

Included with every pair are easy to follow care & application instructions, our very own latex-free adhesive and a pretty storage box. These lashes should be treated with care. They must not come into contact with water and must be removed and stored properly after use.

  • Re-usable up to 25 times
  • Made of 100% cruelty free mink fur
  • Sterile and hypo-allergenic
  • No added chemicals or dying

If you are interested in our real mink fur strips false eyelashes,you can always send email to:info@hollyren.com

About False Eyelashes

Doll eyes have always looked great and false eyelashes are the only way you can get your eyes to look glamorous and well defined. Experimenting with eyelashes can be so much fun, because you can add more depth to your eyes, more definition, by simply playing around with your falsies.

False eyelashes are actually vintage, they were invented in 1916, in order to enhance a leading actresses look. Since false eyelashes lasted time, and are still popular it means that they are indeed great. Makeup is a girls best friend indeed, but make-up cannot in any way create the effect false eyelashes can over the eyes.

False eyelashes can be manufactured out of synthetic material or natural hair. The ones that give truly remarkable results are the eyelashes made out of natural hair because they blend better with the natural eyelashes, creating a natural yet extraordinary effect.

There are two types of false eyelashes, which give totally different effects: individual eyelashes and eyelashes strips. Individual eyelashes help create a more natural look and they need to be glued individually, while strips help create a more dramatic look, a look which will attract more attention.

False eyelashes can be worn at any time, from casual to formal occasions. All you need to do is make sure they are applied correctly and you are going to look stunning. False eyelashes can be used simple or combined with makeup, depending on what each person prefers, either way the results will be visible.

Please refer our website www.hollyren.com for more information.

About Hollyren Company

Qingdao Hollyren Cosmetics Corporation Ltd.

false eyelash and eyelas extension

A company focus on False Eyelashes and concerned products.

Established in 2010

Office in Center of Qingdao City.

Manufacture factory in Pingdu Town, Qingdao City.

Devoted on new products/techniques, with 30 series cooperated with the most famedtechnician association.

Teamwork/ special team service for VIP.

Qualified by the most strict inspection for the factory working environment and quality requirement. Professional designers team, for private label package and designing.

Buildup the good cooperation and contact with many famed companies and brands

Focus on quality, service and Company Identity.

We have desire to be your long term supplier and business partner.

COMPANY PROFILE — Worldwide Fairs, Original Brands 

•Takepart inthe COSMOPROF and otherfamous fairs over the world yearly

Hong Kong, Bologna,Las Vegas, Dubai, Moscow, Japan and Bangkok.
•Own original 4 brands and 1salon get the good polularity in professional extension
•Hold nationwide training session frequently, cooperate with senior techniciansfrom Japan and Taiwan
•Buildup the good cooperation and contact with many famed companies and brands
•Focus on quality, service and Company Identity

eyelash qualification

OUR ADVISE --- 3D Real Mink Fur Eyelash

Super three-dimensional, multilayer, luxury, natural-lookingwith the most softest and lightest band, for top/best quality level.

Luxury Real Mink Fur Eyelah

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