Eyelash and eyelash related products

Our company only do eyelash and eyelash related products. The eyelash we can do include EYELASH EXTENSION, STRIP LASHES and INDIVIDUAL FLARE LASHES, also EYELASH EXTENSION TOOLS/KITS. Our factory has been authorized by INTERTEK since the year of 2011, we accept call kinds of inspections from customer or the third part company.

The STRIP eyelash we can do include more than 600 types like 3D real mink fur lashes, luxury real mink fur lashes, Horse fur lashes, HANDTIED EYELASH, HUMAN HAIR EYELASH, REAL MINK FUR EYELASH, LACE EYELASHES, PAPER EYELASH, PAINTED LASHES.

Attached is the CATALOGUE OF OUR STRIP EYELASHES, more styles of our lashes can be send to you after you choose out the lashes you are interested in.


Glad to introduce our real mink fur eyelash for you.

Considering that you may have different requests towards price, quality and markets, we are now supplying three different lines mink eyelash for your choosing.

Attached pls check the 3D Real Mink Lash Catalogue according the popular level.

Different prices for different styles.

Pls let us know the item you like.

1. 3D real mink fur lashes: Item No. SD01-SD17. Super three-dimensional, multilayer, luxury, natural-looking with the most softest and lightest band, for top/best quality level.

(around USD8.5-8.7 per pair EXW Qingdao. MOQ is 20 pairs each style.)

With 3D luxury real mink fur false eyelashes, we are very confidence to help you exceed other famous brands like VELOUR, FLUTTER, MINK. So, pls do not hesitate!

2. Luxury Real Mink Fur Eyelashes: Item No. D41-D206. Super dense, soft and natural-looking, for top/best quality level.

(around USD4.7-11 per pair EXW QINGDAO. MOQ is 50 pairs each style.)

3. Regular Real Mink Fur Eyelashes: Item No. D01-D32. Dense and soft, for mid class with high quality.

(around USD2.1-3.1 per pair EXW QINGDAO. MOQ is 100 pairs each style.)

Samples are available to help you know this! Pls send us your address, phone number and post code.