Applying False Eyelash

Steps for Applying False Eyelashes

(1)Regarding to apply the natural false eyelashes

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Before applying the eyelashes on your eye, please confirm the false eyelash you choosed fits correctly to your eye.We are sure SIREN –WING SHAP range of eyelash can give you excellent results.

  • Hold the lash strip along your natural lash line – the strip needs to end approx 0.5cm before the end of your natural lash line. This ensures your lashes look natural and your eye is lifted. If you let the false eyelash strip go beyond this point your eyes will look droopy! If the lash strip is too long trim the end with scissors so it fits BEFORE APPLYING ANY GLUE.


  • Curl your own lashes and apply mascara.


  • Apply a thin line of false eyelash adhesive to the strip of the false eyelash, applying a tiny bit extra adhesive to each end of the lash strip. Wait approx 30-40 seconds. Eyelashes adhesive dries clear.
  • Starting from the inner corner of your eye, grip the lash strip in the center, close to one end. Push the end of the strip/glue against your natural lash line. Using the tweezers, gently move across the band/glue, pressing the lash strip down all the way across. Repeat for the other eye.

STEP 4 (Optional)

  • Apply eyeliner to create a seamless fit.

TIP: DO NOT curl false eyelash strips with eyelash curlers as they are likely to become un-stuck.

If you want to know more information about applying false eyelashes, please follow the bolg from our website .

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