Applying Eyelash extension

Steps for Applying False Eyelashes

(2)Regarding to Applying Eyelash Extension

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Eyelash Extension are designed for longer wear and can stay on for up to one week if looked after well.

TIP: When using Eyelash Extension apply them mainly to the outer corners of the eyes.

TIP: Use extension clusters of lashes in the outer corners, if you want to go further across the eye use single strand lashes.


If you think the lashes are too long, trim them to the desired length.


Pour a small amount of Eyelash Adhesive on to a piece of tin foil.


Using tweezers pick up about 0.2cm lash cluster. Dip the bulb of the lash into the adhesive. Start 0.5cm in from the outer edge of your natural lash line, gently wiggle the false lash into the base of your own lashes, as close to your lash line as possible (note the false eyelash is meant to stick to your own lashes NOT your eyelid) then release the tweezers.

Repeat, working along the lash line until you have the desired effect. Do not worry about the white blobs of adhesive as this will dry clear.

TIP: DO NOT curl false eyelash strips with eyelash curlers as they are likely to become un-stuck.

If you want to know more information about applying false eyelashes, please follow the bolg from our website .

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