5 tips to make your eyeliner last longer

The eyeliner has an excellent method of eye contouring, which can effectively modify the eye shape. However, after the eyeliner has been removed for a period of time, what tips are needed in the makeup process to make the eyeliner last longer? Let's share it with you today.
Tip 1: Use oil-absorbent paper to clean the excess oil from the eyes, so that the skin is more refreshed and the eye makeup is more durable. Oil-absorbing paper can also be used daily, and it can also be used before the air cushion can be used to make the makeup of the entire face more refreshing.
Tip 2: Before the makeup, you can replenish the skin of the eye, apply an eye mask or apply eye cream to make the eyeliner more durable.
Tip 3: Set the makeup with honey powder or loose powder. The first step can be applied to the bottom of the eye. The second step can be applied after applying the eye makeup. Press gently and the position of the eyelid should be appropriate. The set makeup also gives the overall look a soft, matte finish.
Tip 4: The eye shadow also has an excellent effect on modifying the contour of the eye. You can apply the eye shadow of the same color after the eyeliner is drawn, and it can also play the effect of setting the makeup, making the makeup of the eye more durable. And the overall match is also good.
Tip 5: Select the anti-staining eyeliner product treasure, anti-staining eyeliner is very convenient to use, and the durability is particularly good.