3D eye patch for eyelash extension

Do you want to give your clients most comfortable and safe lash extension experience?
Do you want to make your lash extension process more efficient?
we'd like to introduce you the newest, most professional 3D eye patch for eyelash extension(Made in U.S.A) to help you achieve the goal~
High adhesive strength, but no skin aching feeling when taking it off
----If there are 1‰ people still feel skin aching when taking it off, then with a little water, the eye patch will lose viscosity, then easily be removed. But when water dries, it becomes viscous again, so it's repositionable during eyelash extensions.

Helps to keep eye closed, Protects lower lashes, Prevents lash sticking
----most professional eye patch for eyelash extension, make the process of extension faster
Hypoallergenic, No cosmetic chemicals, No skin and eye irritation
----most safe eye patch for the eyelash extension clients
No residue left on the skin
----when the eyelash extension is done, take the 3D eye patch from the skin, there will be no residue left on the skin.
Super thin and soft
----lint-free surface with gentle gloss, no light reflect to technician's eyes