Why us

Hollyren does not only focus on researching and developing new fashionable items, but also concentrate on perfecting our products from quality to packaging. Through industrious self-examination and meticulous supervision on every detail during the production of every item, our production teams understand the best product means the best quality. Naturally, we follow our determination to produce the best quality products like regular synthetic eyelash, eyelash extensions.


Trading & Manufacture Eyelashes Combination, OEM&ODM

Established in 2010
A company focuses on False Eyelashes
Devoted on new products/techniques; with 40+ series; cooperated with the most famed technician association.
Good team work/ with special team service for VIP
Trading company in center of Qingdao city
Eyelashes Manufacture factory in Pingdu Town, Qingdao City
Eyelashes qualified by the most strict inspection for the factory working environment and quality requirement
Professional designers team, for private label package , designing,create lot of series false eyelashes.

After service & Quality guarantee

eyelash supplier qualification program assessment report

false eyelash workplace performance index

eyelash qualification

Statement of Plagiarism and Imitation

Recently, there is a company plagiarized and imitated our company’s name and logo without permission of our company. The name and logo of the invasion company are similar with ours in letter’s spelling, construction, pronunciation and logo’s pattern. It has invaded our intellectual property and bring negative impact to our company, which has violated our reputation seriously.

We desclare:

1. https://hollyren.en.alibaba.com is the only alibaba site of Qingdao Hollyren Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

2. The only official website: https://www.hollyren.com

3. There is only one company name and logo, no subsidiary company.

The logo is as below:

hollyren logo

We strongly condemn all plagiarism, misappropriation and counterfeiting. In order to protect our company’s legitimate rights and interests, we have collected related evidence and informed counselor. Hope invasion company compliance with industry ethics and put the relevant pages offline as soon as possible. Especially stop all actions which can invade our company and customers, otherwise our company will retain the legal rights.

Here, remind all the customer must distinguish the information of potential partners carefully to avoid unnecessary economic losses. If cooperating with counterfeit companies voluntarily, any losses and other adverse consequences during the period will not be responsible for our company.

Thanks for your trust and support again!

Hereby notice.

Qingdao Hollyren Cosmetics Co., Ltd.