Hollyren Eyelash Extension Glue And Newcoming Eyelash Extensions

Hollyren Eyelash Extension Glue:

We can supply all kinds high quality strong and fast glue, made in Korea.

Attached the catalogue of our glue, remover and primer. OEM is availabel.
Stay time on lash: 1 month or longer if wear it carefully, also it depends on the level of technicians.
Shelf life of glue: 6 -10 months if stored in cool condition
eyelash extension glue
Style: Synthetic Mink/Silk Eyelash, Real Mink Eyelash, Pre-fanned Eyelash(2D/3D/4D/5D/6D), Pandora Eyelash(mixed length in per row), Ellipse Flat Eyelash(0.15/0.20, Shinny/Matte), Eyebrow Extension(0.05/0.07/0.10/0.15), Cluster Eyelash, Macaron Eyelash(0.07 colorful), Candy Eyelash(0.07 mixed color in per row) and so on.
Color: black & colorful (rainbow, two tones, glitter and diamond).
Diameter: 0.03mm/0.05mm/0.06mm/0.07mm/0.10mm/0.12mm/0.15mm/0.18mm/0.20mm/0.23mm/0.25mm
Curl: I/J/B/C/D/CC/L or your curl
eyelash extension