2017 Italy Cosmetic Expos - Our Eyelash Extension Exhibit Place

Every year, Hollyren Company have participate the major cosmetic expos around the world .Through the cosmetic expos we can talk with our clients face to face ,then we can know their demands.And also can know newest productions of other company then we renew and perfect our production lines.

We can show our newest Eyelash Extension on this show .For example the Shadow double curl lash ,Pandora lashes ,Macaron lashes ,and also some other tools .

Every time we go to the Expos we will tell you in this website, you can know where we will go through this website ,If we will go to your country ,you can go to meet us and talk to us face to face about your eyelash deal and also make some corperation with us.

This month we have go to the Italy Expos.Fisher ,Edwin, Lilith have go to participate it .

Eyelash extension shows

From the background of our exhibit place ,you can see our designer have make a lot of posters .

This posters have show some our newest products we have just create.

Magix Box Show

Through continuous interaction andcooperation with the top suppliers and customers, our team have changed product. Last year we have created the invisible band synthetic mink lashes .

This year we have show the Magic Box .It is use to make the Eyelash Extension more convenience.This box is designed by our company we a lost of consideration of the Eyelash Extension and especially for Pandora Lashes

Magic Box

There are lots of clients go to our exhibit place and buy our eyelash extension samples we have bring to Italy

This is the Shadow Double Curl lashes,we have also bring to Italy .We have bring 20 pcs Sample this lashes to expos,the clients have all buy it and they said they will order it in our company .


This lashes have so many advantages :

1.Double curls for each lash strip.

2.3D layered effect ,special designed for volume lash extension ,it is can say it is another kind of Pandora Lashes .

3.Saving time faster planting and make the bloom easier .and have a good effect like Pandora Lashes.

This is Lilithshow our products to our clients .Now she is showing the 3D real mink fur lashes to the clients .

3D real mink fur lash extension