Hollyren New 3D Real Mink Lashes

*10years *Only focus on Eyelash *Trading and Manufacture combination *Factory eara 2500㎡
*Research and Development *OEM--Professional designers Team
*Monthly Capacity: 230000+trays eyelash extension, 1100000+pairs strip eyelash.

Now, Glad to recommend Hollyren New 3D Real Mink Lashes and 3D faux mink/silk lashes to you.

I would like you to know that we have released new series of 3D real mink lashes, with newest technique and handicraft, they have the same 3D effect as our 3D mink lashes now, while almost 50% off than the old ones.
Also, there's a new trend in the market that 3D faux mink/silk lashes are getting more and more popular recently, they have also very beautiful looking, while lower prices than 3D real mink lashes, and if your customers are not comfortable or getting allergy with animal products, they can choose them.
I attached price lists of the new products for your ref., samples are available, pls let me know if you need them, thanks.
P.S. we also have some luxury mink lashes, which price can lower to USD1.50/pair!

Take Action now! Please don't miss the chance!

So,please reply us with your reqirement or any business chance. We have desire to be your long term supplier and business partner.

Hollyren introduce the Magnetic Eyelashes

Hi Here,

Would you ever try Magnetic Eyelashes?

Here we are glad to inform you that Hollyren **Magnetic Eyelashes **.

The false lashes use magnets instead of glue.

Below please find the details of our products.

magnetic lashes

Create the long, thick, gorgeous lashes in seconds.

With no glue, no mess, and no damage to natural lashes.

Hollyren’s Magnetic Eyelashes will lead fashion.

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So,please reply us with your reqirement or any business chance. We have desire to be your long term supplier and business partner.

Email to us get the super price and more information!!!

Our mail: info@hollyren.com

Hollyren Team

Hollyren 5D Pre-fanned Pandora Eyeash Extensions

Glad to recommend our super New Special Product for you.

Pre-fanned Pandora--New Revolution of Volume extension ~Fast-Easily way to get 3D/6D volume effect!

When it becomes difficult for some technicians to get a perfect blooming volume for 3D/6D extension~

Let the finished 5D pre-fanned Pandora save you!

When competition becomes so fierce and save time for each customer are so important~

Let the finished 5D pre-fanned Pandora save you!

Even Beginners can Master Pre-fanned Pandora Fast and Smooth!!

Take Action now, don’t be hesitate anymore, Sample order and trial order is welcome. It’s magic time for eyes!

Prefanned Pandora

The big advantages:

1. 0.07mm super soft and light~

2. Mixed length per flare~finished blooming on your eyes~

Upgrade on same length 5D fanned extension, with more natural and fluffy lashes!

Prefanned pandora eyelash extension

About Hollyren Company

Qingdao Hollyren Cosmetics Corporation Ltd.

false eyelash and eyelas extension

A company focus on False Eyelashes and concerned products.

Established in 2010

Office in Center of Qingdao City.

Manufacture factory in Pingdu Town, Qingdao City.

Devoted on new products/techniques, with 30 series cooperated with the most famedtechnician association.

Teamwork/ special team service for VIP.

Qualified by the most strict inspection for the factory working environment and quality requirement. Professional designers team, for private label package and designing.

Buildup the good cooperation and contact with many famed companies and brands

Focus on quality, service and Company Identity.

We have desire to be your long term supplier and business partner.

COMPANY PROFILE — Worldwide Fairs, Original Brands 

•Takepart inthe COSMOPROF and otherfamous fairs over the world yearly

Hong Kong, Bologna,Las Vegas, Dubai, Moscow, Japan and Bangkok.
•Own original 4 brands and 1salon get the good polularity in professional extension
•Hold nationwide training session frequently, cooperate with senior techniciansfrom Japan and Taiwan
•Buildup the good cooperation and contact with many famed companies and brands
•Focus on quality, service and Company Identity

eyelash qualification

OUR ADVISE --- 3D Real Mink Fur Eyelash

Super three-dimensional, multilayer, luxury, natural-lookingwith the most softest and lightest band, for top/best quality level.

Luxury Real Mink Fur Eyelah

Applying False Eyelash

Steps for Applying False Eyelashes

(1)Regarding to apply the natural false eyelashes

Follow us, every man can be dominated by you


Before applying the eyelashes on your eye, please confirm the false eyelash you choosed fits correctly to your eye.We are sure SIREN –WING SHAP range of eyelash can give you excellent results.

  • Hold the lash strip along your natural lash line – the strip needs to end approx 0.5cm before the end of your natural lash line. This ensures your lashes look natural and your eye is lifted. If you let the false eyelash strip go beyond this point your eyes will look droopy! If the lash strip is too long trim the end with scissors so it fits BEFORE APPLYING ANY GLUE.


  • Curl your own lashes and apply mascara.


  • Apply a thin line of false eyelash adhesive to the strip of the false eyelash, applying a tiny bit extra adhesive to each end of the lash strip. Wait approx 30-40 seconds. Eyelashes adhesive dries clear.
  • Starting from the inner corner of your eye, grip the lash strip in the center, close to one end. Push the end of the strip/glue against your natural lash line. Using the tweezers, gently move across the band/glue, pressing the lash strip down all the way across. Repeat for the other eye.

STEP 4 (Optional)

  • Apply eyeliner to create a seamless fit.

TIP: DO NOT curl false eyelash strips with eyelash curlers as they are likely to become un-stuck.

If you want to know more information about applying false eyelashes, please follow the bolg from our website www.hollyren.com .

Helen Shao


2011 Hongkong Cosmoprof

we have attend the 2011 Hongkong Cosmoprof. Pls see the below our booth information.

We have take some photos on the Hongkong Cosmoprof Asia Show.

We have met a lot of false eyelashes customers there and our false eyelashes have a very good reputation there.

We hope to meet you there next year.

High quality eyelash extension .


First please check the details of our our real mink fur eyelash extension below,thanks.
1.Attached please kindly find the price list. thanks.
2.Delivery date: It mainly depends on the payment date. like one month afther receive the deposit. Normally, the delivery time is within one month if your quantity is not so large.
Payment: You can pay to our company account, Paypal,West union or other you are available.
3. MOQ is 50pcs. The unit price will be 10% higher if not reach the MOQ.
4. Curl/thickness/and length mixed on one tray is available.
5.We can make products on your logo.
6.You can have a trial order for testing our samples, then place oder after the testing approved.

Why choose our lashes?
1.High quality Korean fiber and 100% siberian real mink fur
2.Profession and full service
3.Health work environment
4.We supply same quality but low price EYELASH EXTENSION than BLINK lashes extension. While we supply extension lashes to 3D beauty, and X'TREAM in America market.

More styles about our eyelash extension lashes, please kindly check the EYELASHES EXTENSION RANGES attached. After you choose the eyelash extension your customer interested,
we will give you our best quotation.

Please easier to get good product is our highest honor

Eyelash extension kit:
Attached please find the quotaiton sheet of our eyelash extension kit.
1.MOQ:50pcs. It's ok if your order can not reach our MOQ,while the price will be a litlle higher.
2.The accessories can be changed as per your requirement

Please advise if you want to place a sample order, then i will make INVOICE for you. thanks.

Materials:there are many kinds of eyelash extensions, such as synthetic mink eyelash extension, silk eyelash extension and real mink eyelash extension.
Color: black, colored, two tone and glitter.
Curl: J/B/C/D/CC/L or your curl
Y/W/V/Diamond eyelashes

Private labeling can be supplied. Moreover, it is for free to help design the packaging. Just send us your logo and tell us your requests for packaging, we do the followings.

- Accessories of lash extensions:

We have tape, jade stone, lint-free gel patch, microbrush, brushes, tweezer, air blower, cases for the lash extension.
Strong glue and glue remover for lash extension:

So,please reply us with your reqirement or any business chance. We have desire to be your long term supplier and business partner.

Horse fur lashes

Do you want to lead the present eyelash market? Do you know the Newest Trend for the lash market?
Here we are honored to inform that--Newest Trend for the lash market----Luxury Top Rank Horse fur lashes from Hollyren are launching!
Why choose Hollyren's new Luxury Top Rank Horse fur lashes:
Super thin and soft band
---our unique techniques, imported soft line and glue make the band super thin ,soft and with a natural curl.
Light and natural
----Thinner and softer, girls with horse fur lashes show their catlike elegance and grace.
High quality material
----We have strict quality control on raw material choosing, the fur is with natural tip, more glossy and flexible.
Totally Cruelty-free
---the horses are groomed freely on the grassland, people wearing horse fur lashes stand much closer to nature .
Custom style available

Fast delivery and professional team service

3D eye patch for eyelash extension

Do you want to give your clients most comfortable and safe lash extension experience?
Do you want to make your lash extension process more efficient?
we'd like to introduce you the newest, most professional 3D eye patch for eyelash extension(Made in U.S.A) to help you achieve the goal~
High adhesive strength, but no skin aching feeling when taking it off
----If there are 1‰ people still feel skin aching when taking it off, then with a little water, the eye patch will lose viscosity, then easily be removed. But when water dries, it becomes viscous again, so it's repositionable during eyelash extensions.

Helps to keep eye closed, Protects lower lashes, Prevents lash sticking
----most professional eye patch for eyelash extension, make the process of extension faster
Hypoallergenic, No cosmetic chemicals, No skin and eye irritation
----most safe eye patch for the eyelash extension clients
No residue left on the skin
----when the eyelash extension is done, take the 3D eye patch from the skin, there will be no residue left on the skin.
Super thin and soft
----lint-free surface with gentle gloss, no light reflect to technician's eyes

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